While it might be plausible for the original MV for HyoLyn's latest single 'Dally' to receive a 19+ rating, netizens were surprised to find out that even the choreography video for the K-Pop diva's new single was deemed as explicit content.

The former SISTAR member recently worked with AOMG producer Gray to release the catchy new single. It generated a lot of noise not just for its musical merits but also because of its memorable MV as well.

If you thought SISTAR was as sexy as it could have ever gotten in the world of K-Pop, you were wrong. HyoLyn seems intent on proving to everyone that she is K-Pop's true diva and queen.


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May 10, 2018 08:59 am

Well, if you flash butt and crotch at the screen and dance like a stripper, what did you expect?

May 10, 2018 09:22 am
Reply to  Guest

Flashing? implying that she showed her naked ass and crotch? Which she didn't. Stop trying to shame her for loving herself and being confident. She hardly showed any skin besides her stomach and legs. Grow up. It obviously got your attention because not only did you watch it, you came to an article about it. Keep up the good work hater, she gets more famous because of it. Lol