Finally, Korean hit indie band, Hyukoh is going to greet North America very soon.

Do you remember when Hyukoh's unique songs and charms made a hit? That's the very special moment in K-Pop history when everyone's 'My Own Hyukoh' officially became the popular band. This band, which consists of 4 members who all were born in 1993, steadily shows off their honest and attractive view point of youngster. Oh Hyuk, the singer, leader, and the guitarist of Hyukoh, is well known for his outstanding composing and writing skills. Regardless of all the fame and popularity that they achieved after appearance on "Infinite Challenge", this clever band choose to make a new history. They didn't choose the easy one, which means the immediate success they could make right after they got the position lots of fans are admiring. 

After a long, long time, finally Hyukoh dropped a new album "23". Every single song on this album made a hit and also acknowledged as well-made songs by critics. Meet the four 24-year-olds that stirred up the Korean indie scene, whom proudly claimed the title: 'Band of the New Generation’ in only about a year after their debut. Hyukoh expresses the essence of youth—wild and free but also empty and deserted— not only by the music, but also through their videos, fashions, and performances.

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Now is the time to celebrate Hyukoh's visit to North America. Hyukoh starts their first world tour and is about to embark their North America tour right now, across 7 cities including Toronto, Boston, NYC, Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. 

Hyukoh's first world tour in North America will be held at the following cities:

  • 9/08 - Toronto, CN @Opera House
  • 9/10 - Boston, MA @Middle East
  • 9/11 - New York, NY @Irving Plaza
  • 9/14 - Vancouver, BC @Albatross Music Festival
  • 9/15 - San Francisco, CA @Soical Hall
  • 9/17 - Seattle, WA @Columbia City Theater
  • 9/19 - Los Angeles, CA The Mayan
  • 9/23 - Arcadia, CA Modern Sky Festival 2017 - Los Angeles

You can check out more information and buy the ticket here

Hyukoh 2017 1st Tour In North America: Schedule And Information

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