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On episode 2 of HyunA and DAWN's reality web-variety show called "I'm Fine, Thank You And You?", Studio Lululala takes us behind the scenes of a song recording where both HyunA and DAWN can be seen coping with the stress of the process. DAWN goes from being excited to wanting to smash things, something that most of us can relate to.

DAWN emphasizes that because the music he makes has to sound good to him as well, he gets stressed when it doesn't. Whenever this happens and he's in a slump, he feels like he is making excuses. With DAWN so focused on work, HyunA shared that she doesn't get to talk to him that much.

Working on their duo debut as well as their solo debuts is a lot of workload on them and HyunA tends to be sensitive while she is working whereas DAWN feels sorry for her because she seems exhausted. At the same time, HyunA also shared that she feels lonely even when they're together sometimes. 

You can watch the full episode below!

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