APRIL lost HyunJoo as its member, but the girls will be returning with a brand new member - and it's a very familiar face!

DSP Media announced that HyunJoo, who has been on a hiatus due to health reasons, will be permanently leaving the group. The label also announced that a new member will be taking her place. As soon as the news broke, netizens were quick to predict that DSP trainee Yoon ChaeKyung from I.B.I and "Produce 101" will be joining the team.

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The rumors were just confirmed as true as DSP announced that Yoon ChaeKyung will be replacing HyunJoo as APRIL's 5th member. The label officially stated, "Yoon ChaeKyung will be joining APRIL as its new member. The new album is currently under production, and she will be joining the group starting from the new promotion."

Yoon ChaeKyung had participated on DSP's "KARA Project", placed 16th on Mnet's "Produce 101", released a project single with APRIL's ChaeWon and promoted under the Produce 101 project groups C.I.V.A and I.B.I. Considering that Yoon ChaeKyung had already filled in for HyunJoo during APRIL's 1st Japanese concert, we believe ChaeKyung will be a perfect fit for the APRIL girls.

APRIL will now promote as a group of 5 with JinSol, ChaeWon, YeNa, NaEun and ChaeKyung.

I.B.I's Yoon ChaeKyung Officially Joins APRIL as HyunJoo's Replacement Member

DSP Media

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