Which female idols can complete their perfect beauty with bang hair?

For female idols, having bang hair or not is a big deal for their idol career. Bang apparently changes image, so there is a big difference between bang and no-bang. If a female idol decides to have bang and cut the front hair, it would take long time to go back to no-bang. This will be even horror if she finds the bangs no work on her face. Some female idols look good with bang but others no. K-Pop Map has compiled the photos of female idols with bang and no-bang. Check them and decide who is good with bangs and who isn’t through comparing photos of both cases.

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Female Idols with Bang vs No-Bang 


IU looks better with bang. Her usual hair style is no-bang, and she does not often make bang, but she, indeed, looks good with bang. However, it is still hard to decide which is better on her because her no-bang style is also good. It gives her more matured look. It will depend on the personal taste to decide among both cases.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang

Krystal - F(x)

Krystal's no-bang style completes her chic. She appeals her chic charming and you can find the feeling in her fashion as well. She still looks good with bang; she looks so cute. However, for her, no bang is the absolute answer.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang

Hani - EXID

Hani is actually good with any hair color. Her pretty face harmonizes with any kind of hairstyles but not with no-bang. Her bang is essential to complete her ultimate beauty. She looks so much different with no-bang from her usual bang hair style. Thus, we can only find her with no-bang in her selfies.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang


You can see Hara is cute with bang and show sexy image with no bang. She is good in both cases, but many fans prefer her with no bang. It must be because her usual hair style is long and no-bang hair, so her fans might be more familiar with her no-bang.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang

Taeyeon - SNSD

Taeyeon’s pretty face gives no biased preference between bangs and no-bangs. However, some logic concludes that she looks good with bang. Her blonde hair looks good with no bang, but she usually dyes her hair dark, and her dark hair works well with bang. In conclusion, generally, she looks better with bang.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang

Kyungri - Nine Muses

Kyungri has appealed sexiness with her image like a cat to the masses since she debuted, and, now, she is one of the sexy icons in the K-Pop world. She actually looks good in both cases, but, to emit her sexy charm more, no-bang is the perfect choice.

Idol Girls With Bang VS No-Bang

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Jun 17, 2021 08:56 pm

Obviuosly Blackpink LISA is the best in bang, but IU is soooooooooooooo good too, both of them, but IU looks good in both but Lisa looks the best with her bangs on. But i cant choose cz they both look gorgeous with bangs, and omg jisso tooooooooo, she is good on bothe, i think Lisa needs the bang, she needs it more than any other idol, others are better with or without bangs