Having a positive image is crucial to celebrities and idols in Korea.

Celebs who seems to be kind, thoughtful and intelligent gathers more fans and more work (tv shows, dramas, movies etc) in the industry)

Since it is crucial to have such images, they work hard to give positive impression to the public.

It’s undeniable that some of celebs have been an issue for having a bad attitude when cameras are off.

However, some of them seems to be a real angle whether cameras are on or off. They are just born that way.

The perfect example of a real angle among K-Pop industry is!!

YoonA of SNSD

Here are some proofs!

1st Kim YooJung was awarded in a ceremony and while she was giving a short speech, the hosts (YoonA, D.O, and Park BoGum) were caught in the camera. YoonA suggested other hosts to move to the side so YooJung can get the full shot. So thoughtful of her.


2nd – She has been donating secretly since her debut. She is suggesting other celebs to donate and volunteer for those in needs. (Some celebs are known to start donating because of YoonA)


3rd – She visited her fan in hospital and cheered him up. This is just one example. She is famous for taking good care of her fans.

Idol Known to be an ANGEL Whether Cameras Are On or Off

Nate Pann

4th – People who are working with her, both idols and actor/actresses cannot stop complimenting her. Her humor, good heart, thoughtfulness, smiles and being considerate are key words that were always seen when others talk about her.


Idol Known to be an ANGEL Whether Cameras Are On or Off



5th – It’s not only her co-workers, but staffs also who are in love with her personality. “When celebs get famous, they tend to turn bossy or mean. However, YoonA has always been cheerful and kind until now from her debut. We’ve seen no one like her.”


Idol Known to be an ANGEL Whether Cameras Are On or Off

Nate Pann

6th – A lot of people spot YoonA in foreign countries doing volunteer work. She was even spotted in Peru of S.A (South America and Peru is like half way around the globe.)

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