It's been the toughest year to make your vote, hasn't it?

The year of 2017 was more than abundant with comeback groups and debuting groups. There were numerous debuts, competition program finding the talented rookie, but most of all, there were lots of comebacks from the 800-pound gorilla groups as well! 

Check out the "Idol League of 2017" and decide for yourself who the winner is!

Boy Groups

Minor Round

Idol League 2017 - Major Competitors by Ranking and Their Record

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BTOB) 'Movie' & 'Missing You'

The group did not make a huge hit until 2015. Since 2015, they've been making a constant progress and has grown to join the major league of idols. Their official fandom reaches about  150,000 and the average album sale is about 80,000~10,000.


SEVENTEEN) 'Don't Wanna Cry' & 'Clap'

They've made the biggest hit in the history or Pledis Entertainment. (And they've got the biggest number). However, they've been showing a decline in popularity after the plagiarism controversy.



Though they've debuted in 2012, they were one of the groups facing disbandment due to lack of financial support & number of fans. However, "Produce 101" has changed everything for them, and now they are being acknowledged for their music and talent.


Major Round

Idol League 2017 - Major Competitors by Ranking and Their Record

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BTS vs. EXO vs. Wanna One

BTS) 'Spring Day' & 'DNA'

Album sale record reached 137,000 (Amazon Sales not included), the top in this year record ranking, the first to receive the Billboard Awards for K-pop idol group, has been receiving various invitations from U.S TV programs.  No adjective particularly needed, just facts say everything about them.


EXO) 'Ko Ko Bap' & 'Power'

It's their 4th time being a million seller of their albums. They took the second place in this year record awards. Also, they haven't lost the title of being first in rank of Korean fandom until now. However, they are slowing being pushed down to the second rank in everything by BTS these days.


Wanna One) 'Energetic' & 'Beautiful'

They've almost reached a million sales record with their debut album. Their fandom is growing bigger and bigger day by day and their music has been streamed the most in Melon music platform. It's a sad truth that they will be disbanded by next year.


Girl Groups

Minor Round

Idol League 2017 - Major Competitors by Ranking and Their Record

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GFriend) 'Fingertip' & 'Love Whisper' & 'Summer Rain'

They've been constantly making hits with every comeback since last year. They've remained in the higher-middle ranking on the released album this year. Their fandom is as big as that of Red Velvet and their album sales are an average of 80,000~100,000. What's more impressing is that they are still constantly growing fast.


BLACKPINK) 'Playing with Fire' & 'As If It Was Your Last'

They are the most famous & loved K-pop groups by foreign fans. They've made quite a record on Youtube viewer ranking. However, they've only released single albums and their fandom inside Korea is smaller than they have outside Korea. They are expected to gather more fans and reputation as they release more albums.


Lovelyz) 'WoW' & 'Now, We' & 'Twinkle'

They aren't exactly catching up with the rest of the groups here with album sales, however, they are one of the probable groups that would grow big to join the major league. 80% of their fandom consists of male fans.


Major Round

Idol League 2017 - Major Competitors by Ranking and Their Record

Official Twitter

Red Velvet vs. TWICE

TWICE) 'Knock Knock' & 'Signal' & 'Likey'

They've made a huge boom of TWICe with 'Cheer Up' and 'TT'. Though their album sales and reputation did not catch up with that of last year, still they've remained in the higher ranks of everything. Their album sales reached the top, pushing down SNSD below them. Their fandom is the biggest among girl group fandoms and their Youtube viewers outnumber any other girl groups. They are the TOP among the many girl groups.


Red Velvet) 'Rookie' & 'Red Flavor' & 'Peek-A-Boo'

Their album sales are about 70,000~80,000, which isn't low for a girl group. Their music remains in the higher rankings in music platforms whenever their comeback. People say, the year 2017 was the year of Red Velvet, for they have made so many legendary stages. They've constantly remained at the top rank of the big data chart. 

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