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An appetizer or a starter doesn't take much amount of the whole meal, however, their roles are as crucial as the main dish. They should make one crave for more food while being delicious to feel delightful and expect more.

The performance on stage can be divided like a course of a meal. Starter, main, and the finale ( which is the desert). The start of the stage may last only a few seconds which isn't a long time for average of 3-4 minutes. However, that few seconds excites the fans and tell much about their song and concept. Also, it is like an  attention grabber to those who aren't familiar with the group.

Here are the idols who usually open the group's song and performance in SM Entertainment!

Super Junior - SiWon


SNSD -TaeYeon


SHINee - JongHyun


f (x) - Krystal


EXO - BaekHyun


Red Velvet - SeulGi


NCT U/ NCT 127 - TaeYong


NCT Dream - Mark

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