THE [email protected] To Hold Fan Meeting Prior To Japanese Broadcast


THE [email protected] To Hold Fan Meeting Prior To Japanese Broadcast


If you are a big fan of K-Pop and a drama addict, you may have already heard of “THE [email protected]”. It was released on SBS FunE in 2017. For those who are new to this drama, it is an adaptation from Japan.

“THE [email protected]” talks about how idols who have debuted are struggling to find stardom but along the way, there are many obstacles preventing them from doing so. It touches on different aspects of hardships which idols have gone through. One example is when the management agency of the idols shut down without any prior notice.

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SBS funE

Since it is an adaptation from Japan, its release and broadcast in Japan is receiving attention from both the Japanese media and viewers. Set to broadcast on June 30th, Japanese viewers can catch the drama on DATV.

In collaboration with the Japanese premiere, the girls who have starred in the drama will be holding a fan meeting at BLAZE in Shinjuku, Tokyo on May 16th 2018. Fans are lucky as they will be having 2 sessions of fan meeting! The first will be held at 2.30PM and the second session will begin at 6.30PM!

Members attending the fan meeting include SoRi, JiWon, SuJi, HaSeo and Yukika. They are from the group Real Girls Project (R.G.P).

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Did their names catch your attention?

You may remember SoRi from JTBC “MIXNINE” as she is one of the Top 9 finalist of the female girl group! In addition to being a member of CocoSori, she has also recently opened her own official Youtube channel.

As for SuJi, she is also a talented member who survived KBS “The Unit” and became a member of UNI.T that is set to debut in early May!

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March Of Petal

With the incredible results from the girls of R.P.G, fans can expect to see them more on screen now that they are receiving more attention from the public.


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SoRi, SuJi, HaSeo and Yukika were all in either Mixnine or The Unit ..along with Minty who was in The Unit.. good luck to all of them anyway..