Idols’ Ideal Type Compilation: Lai KuanLin of Wanna One

Lai KuanLin, Lai KuanLin Profile

The sixteen-year-old heartthrob hailing from Taiwan is one of the hottest K-Pop idols these days. After his successful debut through ‘Produce 101‘ he has become an idol that we can all expect to see more great things from in the future.

Having visuals that come second to none, he is literally a beautiful CG anime character that has come to life. And it doesn’t matter if he wore a fake Justin Bieber ‘Purpose Tour’ t-shirt for his debut photoshoot, although we can’t exactly forgive his fashion coordinator for the unprofessionalism. He is a star and we hope he knows it too.


Lai KuanLin‘s Ideal Type

It has been reported that the beautiful K-Pop prince’s ideal type is someone who has long hair, cute, someone older, and petite.

Lai KuanLin, Lai KuanLin Profile



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