Do you want to be matched to the ideal types of your loving idols?

As K-idols become more and more popular, many fans wonder what type of person they like the most. Thus, it gets much attention when they reveal their own ideal types. As soon as their ideal types are released, fans get busy to do their best to look or act similar to the released ideal types. But, don’t judge too fast because they can change their ideal types as often as whenever their new album is released. Then, there must a chance that their ideal types can match with the way you are currently. K-Idols often get asked what aspects of their ideal partner they look for the most? Well, sometimes the answers are specific, but sometimes ambiguous. They often pick one of the stars, who matches the most to their ideal types, when they can’t describe the person, they are dreaming of, in words.

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Now, K-POP MAP will tell you ideal types that your loving idols have revealed. For global fans of K-POP, IDEAL TYPES of K-IDOL have been searched and piled up. Let’s see who revealed ideal type!!

It’s VIXX, today!!

VIXX's Ideal Types

2015 Compilation

1. Ideal Types ( Descriptions)

Hongbin: Now: the one I’ve not found yet

         Before: a girl who sees only me and no man surrounding her.

Leo: Now: a smart girl

    Before: a smart and kind girl with a good first impression

N: Now: someone honest and standing on my side always

Before: an innocent, wise and intelligent girl

Ravi: Now: If I begin to like someone, I like just the way she is. There is no such an ideal type.

     Before: an attractive, smart and faithful woman

Ken: Now: a cute girl

    Before: someone charming with Aegyo

Hyuk: Now: a pretty eyed girl

      Before: a pretty eyed girl with no man surrounding her

It seems like Leo, Ken and Hyuk have not really changed about their ideal types.

2. When asked to pick a Korean celebrity that closely resembles their ideal type

Hongbin: Han Hyo-Joo

Leo: Chae Jung An

N: Seo Hyun

Ravi: Lee Ha Nui

Ken: Hyeri

Hyuk: Shin Min AhIdols’ Ideal Types 2015 Compilation : VIXX

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Oct 15, 2017 04:06 pm

Leo's ideal type is now someone who doesn't lie, has a beautiful smile, is kind and real, as well as someone he can count/depend on and is wise; as stated in his japan vlive on 25/07/2017