Idols Top Vocalists Coming Back as a Solo Artist This Spring

There has been a competition between idol groups starting 3 months of this year. Now, as spring has arrived in Korea, top idol vocalists are boosting up to comeback as a solo artist.

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April Comeback,EunJi, IU, Minzy, ChungHa, Solo Artist


The key words for the solo artist are #1993 and #Redebut as Solo. Jung EunJi of Apink, IU, Gong Minzy, former member of 2NE1, and Kim ChungHa from I.O.I are gathering attentions by fitting the key words.

EunJi of Apink is coming back with a warm song, perfect for spring. She is now working on the album and it is to be released on April. A hint was given for her new song, and it was “Butterfly”. There is no exact date, however, she will be on stage no later than the first weeks of May.

IU, after going through collisions of her music with the public, is coming back with more mature voice. She has produced her album this time and said that she has put the real identity of herself into the album. Her new tracks are available after releasing the title song on this coming 24th of March. The official comeback will be on April and fans could not just wait to see her after 1 year and 7 months after her last album.

Gong Minzy and Kim ChungHa are both coming back as a solo artist after having to work in a group. They are both coming back on April, but there was no mentioning of exact dates nor album. Though there are some worried voices coming from the artists themselves, fans have no worries for they have proven how good they are with their work and they have a famous reputation.

This year’s April is a challenging month for many artists, especially to those who are coming to fans as a solo artist.

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Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist

TaeYeon of SNSD, has been working as a solo artist for a while and had such diverse styles.

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In TaeYeon’s work as a solo artist, diversity exited not only in her music, but in her styles and concepts as well. Since she was working alone, she had a chance to show her own color only. She tried out different styles for each songs and here are the top five concepts that fit her best.

Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist


1. Two Faces of ‘I’
In the music video of ‘I’, there were two versions of her, as a country girl and an urban chic. In the urban look, she dressed like a rocker, fitting the shouting way of singing in ‘I’. On the other hand, the country girl was dressed in a hippi look, having to put on an ethnic cardigan. Make ups differ for each fashion, strong dark smoky makeup was on for urban and pinky shy looks was on for the country girl. Just like the song ‘I’ had big wave of change in its melody though it is one song, her looks differed and it  showed TaeYeon’s counter charms.

Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist


2. The Comfy, Yet Stylish Look of ‘Rain’
In the song ‘Rain’, two concepts existed like ‘I’, the singer TaeYeon and TaeYeon as a plain person. In the music video, she had a short blonde hair with a huge, soft looking sweater and was bare feet. Her looks were not sophisticated or glamourous, however, the point was in her makeup. Her glowing skin looked natural yet, beautiful, with point color on her lips. Her styles on the stages looked more sophisticated than that of the former, but still looked comfy. Since TaeYeon was a bit short, she usually wears big top with short pants, and she had that style again in this song. Since fans have seen her a lot in that way, they felt more of TaeYeon than any other stage clothing.

Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist


3. Cali Girl in ‘WHY’
The music video of the song ‘Why’ was filmed in California, USA. She had the funky mood with street fashion. She looked lovely with unique sunglass on her head, long denim shirts falling down with colorful spangles and sneakers on her feet. Her makeup concept was” Tropical”, using strong bright colors such as orange, yellow and hot pink. The look got along well with the lyrics of the song, looking like a chilled chic.

Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist

4. Looking Risky at ’11:11’
In the music video of ’11:11’, she looked like she was about to cross the line. She looked lonely, sad and deep with thoughts of her own. Dark brown colors were used, as well as the nudy lips played a part in making her look so. While she was on the stage, she tied her hair up naturally, with a big top and black jeans. Her looks matched perfectly with the acoustic melody of’11:11’. The toned down looks made the audience to focus on her voice more than her looks.

Different Faces of TaeYeon as a Solo Artist


5. The Diva in ‘Fine’
In the song ‘Fine’, TaeYeon sings with a voice of a normal woman, hurt from love. Her looks in the music video were similar to that of ’11:11’ and ‘Rain’. However, it is the stage looks that got the limelight. Instead of her usual fashion of looking like a girl, she put on a thin blouse showing her silhouette or a dress looking long and slim. Her makeup changed as well. In the music video, she looked like a person in between a mundane girl to a star. But on stages, she no longer had the cute, young girl look. Instead, she looked lady like and mature. As she was actually no longer a litter girl anymore, she looked stunning with the mature makeup. TaeYeon, herself, admitted  that now she looked good in the lady looks, compare to when she first debuted.

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SeoHyun to Hold a Solo Showcase for ‘Don’t Say No’

SNSD’s SeoHyun will be holding a showcase to commemorate her first solo album’s release.

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SeoHyun will be holding “SEOHYUN SHOWCASE Don’t Say No” on 16th 8PM KST at the SMTOWN THEATRE, SMTOWN COEX Artium.

This showcase will present the title song ‘Don’t Say No’ for the first time, along with the other songs in the album. She will also talk about various stories that have to do with the album. The showcase will also be streamed live through Naver V Live SMTOWN channel.

The ticketing for this showcase will be done through Yes24 on the 13th, 6PM KST. She’ll be inviting her fans for free as it will be her first mini album as a solo artist.

SeoHyun’s new album will be released digitally on 17th, and offline on 18th.

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Suzy to Appear on Her First Solo Reality Show “OFF THE RECORD”

Suzy will be revealing her personal life through the reality show “OFF THE RECORD”.

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On the noon of 15th, Suzy will be revealing her daily life through the reality program “OFF THE REC. SUZY”.

“OFF THE REC. SUZY” is a 10 episodes series reality program that will be produced by Makeus’ Dingo Studios, one of the leading companies of mobile contents production. The show will be broadcasted through various platforms like Dingo Studios’ NaverTV, Facebook, and YouTube.

Choi JaeYoon PD, who produced the “OFF THE REC. HyoRi” back in 2008, will be producing this series again. Choi JaeYoon PD stated, “We decided that it would be interesting to show the ‘human’ Bae Suzy that’s behind the top star Suzy we see. Since it is produced by Dingo Studios, it will be in a web series format that fits the mobile generation now.”

Suzy is in the midst of filming the reality show at the moment. “OFF THE REC. SUZY” will be broadcasted on the noon of January 15th.

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