Idols Who Makes Paparazzi Feel Lethargic and Discouraged



Idols Who Makes Paparazzi Feel Lethargic and Discouraged

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Paparazzi is a great stress to celebrities because they are everywhere, even in the places where they did not want them to be in.

It’s a work of paparazzi to take secretive photos of celebs and make a gossip out of it. Sometimes, paparazzi digs the past, even before debut and make big deals out of it.

It’s pretty natural for celebs to despise of paparazzi.

However, there are some idols who, vise versa, gives stress to paparazzi for having too clean personal life in the past and the present.

Paparazzi’s say that there is nothing, seriously nothing, to dig out of those to be mentioned below.

Here are the idols who makes paparazzi’s feel discouraged by having nothing to work on.

1st – Lee Jun

He is like the most famous idol for hving such a mundane life. When he is not on stage or on air, he spends time with his family.

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2nd – SHINee

They are one of the non controversial group from SM Entertainment. Paparazzi say, they don’t expect anything from them. They are too nice to be anything gossipy. 

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All they do when they are not on stage is working out. Nothing other than that. No matter the season, they just work out. 

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4th– Apink

No controversies, no comments issued negatively, and no fights envolved with anyone. They are really pink and pure like their names.

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5th – Red Velvet

Controversies of the past? They just worked hard as trainees. Some friends did not even know that they were trainee because they looked so plain and studiesd hard like others. 


6th – BTS

One of the hottest, most issued idols with no controversies of the past and present.

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7th – VIXX

All memebers like to hang out with their family and friends quietly during break and feel happy to work really hard on their comebacks. Who can criticize them for having no dust.

Jellyfish Entertainement


One of the long lived idols with not an issue or controversy. Fans even worry about them for living such a boring life.

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