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Stray KidsHyunJin is one of the trendiest male idols in the industry in 2020, boasting visuals that can be both cute and sexy.

The JYP Entertainment boy group released their most recent comeback in September, with 'Back Door' the title track of the repackaged version of 'IN生'.

If HyunJin From Stray Kids Was An Actor What Role Would He Go For?

JYP Entertainment

HyunJin appeared on MBC Radio's 'Kim ShinYoung’s Noon Song Of Hope' recently with some of the other group members Felix, SeungMin, and I.N.

As fans of K-Pop would know, many idols often expand their career by also going into acting.

HyunJin it turns out enjoys watching K-Dramas himself, and was asked what kind of role he would like to take on if he had the chance to star in a drama series.

The idol stated that he was into melo-dramas but also at the same time, wanted to try something he has been wanting to for quite some time. He stated:

"I want to play a character that would allow me to express depressing emotions. A character that I can portray, fully displaying my seriousness and realest emotions."

If HyunJin From Stray Kids Was An Actor What Role Would He Go For?


Some of HyunJin's favorite K-Drama series that he mentioned were 'Hospital Playlist', 'Hotel Del Luna', and 'It's Okay Not To Be Okay', some really good choices!

He even gave a shoutout to the producers who may be watching the interview to keep an eye on him. Can this hint at HyunJin starring in an upcoming drama?

What kind of character do you think HyunJin would play well in K-Dramas? You can check out the full video below.

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