YG is keeping their promise to iKON and WINNER fans by scheduling their new 2017 comeback music videos.

According to news sources, iKON has set a filming date for their new music video. The source stated, "iKON will be filming the first music video of their new album sometime in mid-March." He continued, "iKON will be spending 3 weeks filming music videos related to their upcoming album."

Insiders believe that their new album will be released sometime in April, which will be their first comeback in a year since their "#WTD" album back in May 2016.

WINNER has also finished filming their comeback music video in February. Their comeback will mark the group's first return as a quartet after the departure of Nam TaeHyun. Insiders believe that WINNER's new album will also drop sometime between the middle of March to April.

Netizens expressed their worry that the two groups will release their albums at a similar time period, much like Mino and Bobby's solo tracks.


iKON to Begin Filming New MV in March + Comeback Plans

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