iKON's Bobby took the whole studio by surprise (and laughter), when he chose this unexpected choice as the most handsome member.

iKON was featured on the Cultwo Radio Show to promote their new album and double title tracks, 'BLING BLING' and 'B-DAY'. During the show, the two MCs asked each of the members to choose who was the best looking among them.

While the rest of the members chose the obvious choice, or hesitated to choose, Bobby took the mic with total confidence as he stated, "I think I am the best looking guy among all of the members." The studio was up in laughter (for some weird reason, because clearly Bobby is the best looking). The MC replied, "I can't agree with you more. Good looking doesn't always mean handsome though."

To each their own! We don't agree that Bobby is one good looking man.


iKON's Bobby Surprises Members While Choosing Who's Most Handsome




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