INFINITE L Reportedly Left Woollim Entertainment


INFINITE L Reportedly Left Woollim Entertainment

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Former INFINITE member recently revealed that his contract with Woollim Entertainment expired and that he had left the agency.

You can read his letter to fans below.

“Hello, it’s Kim MyungSoo , L.

It’s been a while but I’m afraid I have some unfortunate news to break and would like to apologize to Inspirits. Thank you for having always supported me. My heart is heavy thinking about what I’m about to say, as it will come as sad news for Inspirits who have shown me much love.

The contract with Woollim Entertainment expired last week. After much consideration, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave and move on to my solo career. I need to challenge myself with something new and now is the time for me to do it.

Ever since my trainee days, I’ve learned many things and experienced a lot in the ten years I’ve spent with Woollim. Time seems to have flown by so quickly. The times I spent after debuting in INFINITE with Inspirits were happy times.

I thank all the members of INFINITE and promise to always be together. Words cannot describe just how much INFINITE and Inspirits have given me strength ever since my debut. This will continue even though it’s under different circumstances. To me, continuing to support each other and believe in  each other as well still remains all the same.

To CEO Lee JoongYeob, Vice President Lee JiYoung, and the staff of Woollim, who have gifted me with lasting memories, thank you for everything. I will work hard and greet everyone once again as a better version of myself and repay them for all that they have done for me.

I will continue to be with INFINITE members and will do my best to be around whenever they need me. Thank you Inspirit for your trust and giving me so much up until now, Thank you.

I will greet everyone soon. Thanks for reading until the end.



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