Recently, INFINITE's SungJong released his first-ever YouTube video titled "[What is Sungjong doing? EP.01] Why did Sungjong dance to NEXT LEVEL on Wednesday???" and fans couldn't be happier about all the entertainment he's bringing to them. At the beginning of the video, SungJong decided to sit down and write down everything that he had in mind such as the shooting time and date. At this point, fans pointed out how adorably he seemed to be struggling with English phrases. However, the producer kept asking SungJong whether this was a concept.

They decided on shooting on Wednesday and on the day of the shoot, SungJong appeared looking like a glowing prince. He knew he looked good because he highlighted his coloured lenses. He called DongWoo to ask what his usual image is and he answered that he was like YuRi from "Shin Jjanggu", the cartoon show. Next, he called JeA who said that a prince concept in this day and age is absurd. However, SungJong still went on with his act.

The rest of the episode was just as hilarious with more guest appearances, witty humour and SungJong being sassy as usual.

SungJong even replied to fans' comments under his YouTube video and left a comment saying that there will be many more where this came from.

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