Recent news reports of singer Jung JoonYoung being a participant of a chatroom that was used for uploading clips of him having sexual intercourse and soliciting prostitutes have been putting the nation in a state of shock once more following BIGBANG member SeungRi's alleged involvement in soliciting prostitutes for business investors.

But it turns out that singer Jung JoonYoung is not new to being involved in uploading sex tapes that were filmed by a hidden camera and without the consent of the women in them.

According to Dispatch, his name was mentioned in a similar accusation back in September 2016. It has been reported that the police conducted an investigation and questioned the singer about the accusations, but was able to get away with it by simply saying that he lost his phone that was suspected of being used for filming the hidden camera sex tapes. In fact, he admitted to the accusation of filming the sexual intercourse, but claimed that he mistakenly thought the woman at the time consented.

This naturally raises the question of whether the competence of the South Korean authorities can be relied upon by the people as well. A mere statement from the singer saying that the phone was broken and so he replaced it was sufficient enough for them to not find a way to obtain the phone in question as evidence, despite being aware of its existence.

In addition, an anonymous informant has also claimed that Jung JoonYoung at the time did not seem to feel any remorse nor understand what the actual problem was. Below is a statement from the informant.

Informant Reveals Jung JoonYoung Said He'll "Pretend And Look Sorry" Amidst Hidden Camera Tape Scandal


"Jung JoonYoung said 'I'll go and look as if I'm sorry' on his way to the press conference. I don't think he even knew what the problem was. To him, the video clips were just a game. Hidden cameras were a habit of his."


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Mar 14, 2019 10:37 am

DOnt kno wat to say joonyoung bt wat ever you hap done is a big will chng everythng from now ownwards in ur life as a artist you were great i respect you as a human being made a sameless mistake ..