I.O.I will finish their official group schedules after attending “Seoul Music Awards”.

According to sources, I.O.I confirmed their appearance on the "26th Seoul Music Awards” that will be held on January 19th. Excluding their concerts scheduled on 20th to 22nd, this will most likely be the last chance to see I.O.I’s stage.

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It’s notable that Seoul Music Awards is an awards event that wraps up 2016. I.O.I has received the best new female artist award at “2016 MAMA”, so many are anticipating to see whether I.O.I will receive an award in this event as well.

I.O.I will appear on “KBS Gayo DaeChukJae” on 29th, and will be holding a concert from January 20th to 22nd. Afterwards, they will be disbanding on January 31st as earlier planned.

I.O.I to Attend "Seoul Music Awards"

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