Fantagio entertainment company officially announced that Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon will debut as Weki Meki.

I know everyone's waiting for Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon's official activity as idols again. Because it's been quite a long time after they finished I.O.I activities. Finally, their official name of group is decided as Weki Meki and they are going to debut in August. On 6th July, Fantagio entertainment revealed that 8 members who have been members of iTEEN Girls are going to appear as Weki Meki. 'WEME' named from the first word of Weki and MeKi means 'WE' abd 'ME', so that means to make a perfect group with 8 different girls. Weki Meki consists of Choi YooJung, Kim DoYeon, Ji SooYeon, Sei, RooA, RiNa, Lucy, Ellie. 


I.O.I Choi YooJung & Kim DoYeon Finally Debut As Weki MeKi

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