Girl group I.O.I’s members, Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon, will be going to USA this month.

Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon will be heading to USA this month. According to sources, this is a part of a girl group project by Fantagio music. Fantagio music will be investing big time to launch their new girl group.

The source said “They have been preparing to study overseas since they were in midst of I.O.I activities back in July.”

On this, Fantagio Music stated “It is true they have been preparing to go to USA to study.” and continued “Because they have to continue activities in Korea at the same time, and because we are still in the midst of deciding various schedules according to the situation, it’s hard to say anything definite for now.”

They will be studying overseas as they continue activities in Korea. Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon will be learning how to sing, dance, and to speak English in a specialized academy for American singers. They will also be working with the top singers, producers, and dancers to receive the same training as they received. They will also be learning how to think globally as they communicate with various artists overseas.

Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon are preparing for their official debut this year. Details on concept and members have not yet been decided.

I.O.I’s Choi YooJung and Kim DoYeon to Study Abroad

Fantagio Music

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