Kim SeJeong from I.O.I and gugudan achieved a 1st place all-kill with her project single produced by BLOCK B's Zico.

As soon as it's release on November 23rd, SeJeong's Jellybox single 'Flower Road' topped 7 different charts at 1st place. SeJeong sat down with OSEN to open up about her immediate success as a solo artist.

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SeJeong stated, "I woke up to everyone congratulating me, so I went to see what happened. It felt like a dream, I couldn't believe that it was actually happening." SeJeong's solo song was produced by none other than BLOCK B's leader, Zico. SeJeong expressed her thanks to the senior by saying, "Thank you to my senior who gave me such a great song."

She went on to thank her show "Talents for Sale" for giving her the opportunity, her Jellyfish family, and a special shout out to her family. "I'm thankful to my parents who allowed me to sing such a song. I love you oppa, mom."

Lastly, she expressed her thanks to her fans, "I'll practice hard to perform on the music shows. I'd sincerely like to thank everyone who listened to my song."

I.O.I & gugudan's SeJeong Thanks Zico for Solo 1st Place All-Kill

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