Girl group I.O.I will be comforting their fans with a self-composed song.

According to sources on 20th, I.O.I will be presenting a self-composed song during the goodbye concert “Time Slip I.O.I”.

This song, that has not yet been released, is a song full of thankful thoughts about fans who’ve cheered on I.O.I for past 10 months. It was composed by Lim NaYoung and Zhou JieQiong, and the two, along with Choi YooJung, wrote the lyrics. As it is the first self-composed song by I.O.I, it’s drawing in a lot of attention especially since it will be a song for fans. This will be like a “last present” for fans by I.O.I.

This song will specially be released during the concert. It’s not yet known whether it will be released digitally.

I.O.I has appeared on Seoul Music Awards on 19th, and because it was their last official schedule (besides concerts), some members shed tears as they received the New Artist Award.

I.O.I members will be presenting their first and the last concert on 20th-22nd to officially say goodbye to their fans.

I.O.I to Present a “Last Gift” to Fans During Last Concert

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