In celebration for the successful closing of the Rio Olympic games of 2016, I.O.I will collaborate with 12 specially chosen Korean citizens to cover the celebratory song, "Hand in Hand".

As a collaboration project with the "Korea Fighting" campaign, I.O.I will be remaking the nationally famous celebratory song, "Hand in Hand" with 12 carefully chosen Korean citizens. Out of 24,000 applicants, only 12 were chosen.

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In the midst of their hectic schedules, I.O.I wished to convey their appreciation towards the Korean Olympians for successfully closing out the Olympic ceremonies with impressive results. As the girls are currently promoting as charismatic and powerful ladies for "Whatta Man", the group's more cheerful and energetic side will be seen through their upcoming remake.

I.O.I to Release the National Celebratory Song for Rio Olympic

YMC Entertainment

The famous Electronic DJ, east4A, took part in remaking of the national song with the I.O.I girls. Their remake track will drop on September 6th with pre-orders having already been started.

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