“You don’t have to be good at singing nor dancing! We’ll teach you at school. Recruiting Pretty Freshman.”

That is the advertising slogan of “Idol School”. Idol School is a program which recruits participants who want to be idols (girls only) and train them to be. It is said that, as they graduate, they can debut right then.

Is Being PRETTY Everything to Be an Idol? The “IDOL School” Controversy

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To get into this school, all a girl needs to have is “Prettiness” since everything else will be thought at the institute.

What is Prettiness? Is being pretty everything? Can an idol succeed when they are pretty?
We admit, being a celebrity requires face and body feature different from that of the ordinary. However, it’s not their everything.

The interview with the program’s produce is also being a heavy controversy. The producer is the same person who made Produce 101 Season 1 and his purpose of making the program was “to GIVE MEN a HEALTHY PORNO”. (What the heck is a healthy porn?)

Seeing his intentions of making Produce 101 Season 1, we see no difference in Idol School.
In Produce 101, girls were wearing school uniform when singing “I want you to pick me up.” Also, in the ads of Idol school, they are also wearing uniform as well. However, their uniform even got bolder. They are wearing one of the Japanese type uniforms, shirt tight, skirt short right below the butt. School uniforms have turned into something that arouses sexuality and the word “School” as well is stimulating the fantasies of men.

Is Being PRETTY Everything to Be an Idol? The “IDOL School” Controversy


Also, in this school, not only do they learn how to dance and sing, they prepare themselves to be ENTERTAINERS. How does being funny in the TV shows matter, when one can barely sing?

Pretty, School Uniforms, Young Girls, those words are being used as a sexual product in our media too often. Though gender equality seems to be near, there is far more to go, when it comes to making sexuality as a product.

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Mint Tea
Mint Tea
May 2, 2017 11:55 am

I agree. Children being sexualized really bothers me. I would cry about it and want to die because of it when I was a teenage girl.

Sorry, I don't see any solution besides killing all men (or all people) 🙁 Even if there was a death penalty for sexualizing kids, the men who do it would just hide it better.