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We knew the influence of Korean musicians and idols were getting huge. As time goes by, more Korean idols and musicians are being acknowledged not only in Japan, China, and U.S market but also that of countries literally all over the world. 

The rumor (that may turn out to be true in the future) has it that CL is going to be new vocal in the famous BLACK EYED PEAS. The rumor did not even start in Korea, but in a U.S pop web community.  After Fergie, the former vocalist who left the label, there wasn't any news about a new vocal but a new about their comeback on August. They are not going to be coming back without a vocal, aren't they?

Is CL Going to Be Singing AS and WITH BLACK EYED PEAS?

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The reason why people assume CL is going to be the next vocal is that she had been working and keeping a close relationship with the group, especially with the leader, will.i.am. She has even featured his song, 'Getting Dumb'. Fans say it's going to be epic if CL appears on the group's comeback stage.

YG Entertainment hasn't officially mentioned anything yet, and they wouldn't be until  BLACK EYED PEAS have.  YG had their attempts to take a part in U.S music market but there wasn't anything big so far. If CL makes it to the group, this will be marked as a huge leap of Korean musicians status in the world music industry.  

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