Is Idols in Drama a Good Idea?

There are many idols who took a part in a drama, however, not all of them got the same comments from the public.

Some were praised highly of their acting, while some where condemned for even joining.

Check out who’s got the best comments, and who’s got to improve.

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Here are the idols who has got the highest praises ever.


VIXX N, N, Ms. Perfect N


Recently, there was a scene where in he  had to deliver the feelings of anger and sadness in “Ms. Perfect”. Critics say that his emotions were perfectly delivered and the scene where he tried not to cry just made the audience cry more for they could feel the complicated feelings the character felt.

Joy of Red Velvet

Joy, Joy of Red Velvet, The Liar and His Lover Joy


She took the main role in the drama “The Liar and His Lover”, acting out a high school girl in love. Although the ratings aren’t that high, critics say that she delivers the emotion of a young girl quite well.

Yook SungJae of BTS

Yook SungJae, BTOB SungJae, The lonely, shinning goblin


It was such a big hit for him to take a role in the drama “The Lonely, Shining Goblin”. Everyone loved the drama as well as his character and the chemistry between the actors. He seemed to fit in pretty well with great actors.


And here are idols who’s got to work on acting a bit more.

YuRi of SNSD

YuRi, YuRi of SNSD, Defendant Yuri


She acted as a lawyer of the main character, and it was a pretty big deal. However, people could not concentrate on the serious plot of the drama whenever she started acting. She said that she would work on it, and she even got personal training to JiSeung, the star of the drama who was also well known for acting well.

V of BTS

V, BTS V, Hwarang V


He took a part in a drama “Hwarnag”, and was supposed to act out a carefree boy who has a warm heart but can be weird sometimes. People say that he wasn’t so good, but nor not so terrible. All in all,  he did not get much attention by acting.

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HyeRi of Girl’s Day Starts Her Acting Career as a Movie Star

HyeRi of Girl’s Day, was selected as a leading role in a new movie to be filmed.

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HyeRi, HyeRi of Girl's Day, HyeRi new movie, idol movie star


The title of the movie is “MulGue (Monster from the Water)”, and her co-star will be Kim MyungMin, one of the famous actors in Korea. She will be joining the movie team after she finishes her stages of comeback.

The movie will be based on a true historical story from Korea Chosun Dynasty, where a king moves his palace for there was a monster in the water attempting the crown. There is no official information about the movie other than this, however, it is to be a comedy and is to be filmed by producers famous for comic movies.

HyeRi was not new to acting, for she was on several dramas, such as Reply 1988, and Entertainer, however, this will be her first time shooting a film.

Fans of HyeRi look forward to see her not only on air but also on screen.

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APINK’s Oh HaYoung Lands Her First Acting Role in New Drama

For the first time since her debut 6 years ago, Oh HaYoung will be taking on her first acting role in the upcoming drama, “Find Her”.

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“Find Her” is a drama that is designed to help Hallyu fans around the world learn Korean. The drama will air on KBS2TV, KBS World, and more for a total of over 100 channels from multiple countries. HaYoung took on the role of a stewardess helping a man from the Netherlands find his special lady in Korea.

As her debut acting drama, HaYoung will be an actress that’s aired not just in Korea, but also around the world. This will also mark the finalization of all six APink members becoming acting-idols.

“Find Her” will air its first episode on February 282th at 12:35 am KST.


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