On Jan. 14 the recording of the bowling for Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 Seollal also called “ISAC 2019” Seollal was held.

Fans spread the results of the game online. Nothing is official! You can check the official result on the broadcasting day.

Here are the winners based on fan talk online.

“ISAC 2019” Seollal Bowling Results According To Fans


Bowling (Male)

Gold: EXO’s ChanYeol // Silver: NCT’s JaeHyun


Bowling (Female)

Gold: Gugudan’s SeJeong & MiNa // Silver: (G)I-DLE’s MiYeon & YuQi

“ISAC 2019” Seollal Bowling Results According To Fans


If you haven't checked other games results yet, you can see them here.

To find out who was competing in the games, you can also check the "ISAC 2019" Seollal lineup.


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