“ISAC 2019” Seollal Results According To Fans



“ISAC 2019” Seollal Results According To Fans

isac 2019 winners


“ISAC” or Idol Star Athletics Championships is back with “ISAC 2019” Seollal. The lineup is getting fans excited too, if you haven’t, you can check it here.

Yesterday, January 7th, the show was recorded and fans spread results online. Nothing is official! You can check the official result on the broadcasting day.

isac 2019 winners


Here is a list of incomplete and unofficial results of winners based on fan talk online.


Archery (Male)

Gold: SEVENTEEN // Silver: NCT 127


Archery (Female)

Gold: Gugudan // Silver: TWICE


Football (Penalty Kicks)



60M Sprint (Female)

Gold: Holics YeonJung // Silver: fromis_9 NaKyung // Bronze: S.I.S J-Sun


60M Sprint (Male)

Gold: Golden Child Y // Silver: NOIR YoonSung // Bronze: Golden Child JangJun


400M Relay (Male)

Gold: ASTRO // Silver: Golden Child // Bronze: Stray Kids


400M Relay (Female)

Gold: IZ*ONE // Silver: WJSN // Bronze: Gugudan


Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gold: April Rachel // Silver:  Elris YuKyung // Bronze: –

The exact date of the broadcast is not released yet but it will most probably be during Seollal festivities in February.


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