What? IU and the word shady in the same sentence? We know. IU is an angel and how could she have been accused of such a thing?

While nothing has been confirmed, according to Naver news, the K-Pop singer-songwriter has recently been accused by netizens for using real estate insider information to gain profit. The rumors also involve the construction of South Korea's GTX, a train express network that aims to link the suburb areas of the northern and southern parts of the Gyeonggi Province, allowing shorter travel times for people commuting to Seoul.

This has naturally caused the real estate prices to go up.

Rumors have it that IU obtained inside information prior to the construction of the GTX and purchased land and buildings in the area for $4 million. The current price for the land is reported to be $6.2 million, meaning she saw a profit of $2.15 million. Other people who are rumored to have benefitted from this alleged insider information include chairmen of various different companies and CEO's.

IU's agency has released an official statement regarding the controversial rumor by saying that while it is true that she purchased the lands, the purchase was for "personal use". The agency also added that figures mentioned as her profit were not true and that it was "impossible" for her to have gained a $2.15 million profit. According to the agency, IU purchased the land because it was close to her home in Bangbae, and that the buildings purchased were being used as a studio, an office for her mother's business, and a training facility for the artists she is currently supporting.


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