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We all expected IU to be on the top rank when she had her comeback, and it was true.

IU's  “Pallet” Drawn Back By Unexpected Musician

Million Market / LoEn Entertainment

However, ‘Pallet’ was pushed back to the lower rank by Suran’s ‘If I Get Drunk Today’.  The song was featured by Changmo, a hot rapper, and produced by SUGA of BTS.

Fans thought songs of IU are unbeatable when compared to the songs of idol groups having a comeback now, and this was pretty much true.

However, they all did not expect Suran to have her comeback and take the first rank. It’s not Suran’s music fans are surprised of for taking the first place. Her music was already famous for being so distinctive and great. What was surprising was that IU is more known to the public, regardless of who’s got a better song.

The public wonders who will be the final winner of this game, and whether this would be the start for other less known singers to be on the ranks.

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