In September, there will be a big match. IU, BTS and EXO are going to have a competition.

IU will comeback with her second remake album "Flower Bookmark 2" in September. Her management company announced that "She will release remake album "Flower Bookmark 2" in the middle of September" on September 1st. 

Staffs around IU are trying their best to finish work on the album till the middle of September. There's no fixed exact date to release yet, many discussion on meaningful activities are considered. "Flower Bookmark 2" is an album, where IU's unique sentimental emotion and atmosphere are held. Fans are already anticipating 'Music Queen' IU's comeback in September. IU, who dropped the regular 4th album "Palette" in April, 2017, has prepared steadily the new album, while busy doing lots of activities so far. 

Her management company revealed it will be the amazing album as it is going to released in September, when her anniversary is. 


IU Suddenly Pulls The Trigger To Comeback In September

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