IU Suddenly Pulls The Trigger To Comeback In September

In September, there will be a big match. IU, BTS and EXO are going to have a competition.

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IU will comeback with her second remake album “Flower Bookmark 2” in September. Her management company announced that “She will release remake album “Flower Bookmark 2″ in the middle of September” on September 1st. 

Staffs around IU are trying their best to finish work on the album till the middle of September. There’s no fixed exact date to release yet, many discussion on meaningful activities are considered. “Flower Bookmark 2” is an album, where IU’s unique sentimental emotion and atmosphere are held. Fans are already anticipating ‘Music Queen’ IU’s comeback in September. IU, who dropped the regular 4th album “Palette” in April, 2017, has prepared steadily the new album, while busy doing lots of activities so far. 

Her management company revealed it will be the amazing album as it is going to released in September, when her anniversary is. 



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BLACKPINK’s Rose Received IU’s Love Call To Work With

A K-Pop goddess IU sent a love call to BLACKPINK‘s Rose to work with her.

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Another female X female couple’s birth? IU confessed that she is a big fan of BLACKPINK’s Rose and want to work with her. On 5th July, Rose received a question asking IU’s love call from mc of Weekly Idols. MC said, “You got a love call from IU, what do you feel about it?”. Rose answered “I didn’t even believe it until I got a video filming IU unnie saying that from my father.”, in succession, “I can’t believe it even now”. Rose introduced herself as a big fan of IU, and right after, she started to sing a song ‘Good Day’ of IU. MC suggested her, “How about collaborate with IU?” and Our cute and pure Rose replied positively. That scene of Rose saying “Yes” was too lovely enough to make fans expecting great works with IU.

At the end, Rose sent IU a video message, saying “It is a honor. I will practice and sing very well till now. I respect you so much.”.

You can check out a video, which filming IU referring Rose, below!



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IU Be Surprised of Heated Enthusiasm Shown By Fans in the Uniform

It’s a duty for all Korean men to join and serve the military for about one and a half year. Though the period may seem short in a person’s life, it may feel like a decade for those who are in the army. The men serving in the army are restricted of entertainments. The only entertainment allowed for them may probably be the TV.

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Another entertainment,one which is very very rare, is the concerts by idols to cheer them up. Girl’s Day was “president” of  army idol. (Army Idol means idol groups particularly famous to men in the army.) EXID is another popular group to soldiers.

However, there seemed to be a new rising star in the army. Though songs of IU aren’t as fast and as exiting as songs of idols, her heart melting lyrics and voice is a huge consolations to them.

IU, IU Concert, IU Through the NIght

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IU recently visited an army in the request of Lee SeungGi, a singer who is also serving his time in the military. She wore a white dress which made her look purer than ever. She sang ‘Letters Through the Night’ and couple of more songs she recently released. 

Though most of them were ballads, the atmosphere was just too hot, hotter than IU expected. She seemed to be very surprised of the power of men in the uniform.

Here’s a video of IU in the stage for soldiers. Check out what she was surprised of!

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Who Received The Most Votes From Entertainment CEOs: GD, IU, BTS Etc

One entertainment magazine conducted a survey about ‘The best K-Pop idol’ on entertainment companies’ CEOs.

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This Survey has important meaning because it’s pretty different from other surveys. This one questioned entertainment companies’ CEOs, so it’s more objective and influential than any others. In this Survey, questions are including ‘Who are the Power People that impact entertainment world’, ‘The best K-Pop male solo’, ‘The best K-Pop female solo’, ‘The best K-Pop boy group’ and other things. YG entertainmnet, JYP, SM, FNC, YMC, CUBE, DSP and 25 other entertainment companies participated this survey. Now, it’s time to check out who are picked up as ‘the best’!

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1. Who are the Power People that impact entertainment world?

1st – Lee SooMan (CEO of SM entertainment) 

2st- Yang HyunSeok (CEO of YG entertainment)

3rd- BTS 

4rd- Park JinYoung (Producer of JYP entertainment)

5th- G-Dragon 

BTS, Power People, JYP, SM, YG

Big Hit ent, SM ent, YG ent, JYP ent


2. The best K-Pop producer

1st – Bang SiHyeok (CEO of Big Hit entertainment) 

2st- Park JinYoung (Producer of JYP entertainment)

3rd- Lee SooMan (CEO of SM entertainment)

4rd- G-Dragon & Teddy 

Big Hit, YG, GD

Big Hit ent, Instiz


3. The best K-Pop boy groups

1st – BTS

2st- EXO


4rd- Wanna One



Big Hit ent, SM ent, YG ent, Mnet


4. The best K-Pop girl group

1st – TWICE



4rd- SNSD

5th- Red Velvet


Nate Pann


5. The best male solo

1st – G-Dragon

2st- ZICO

3rd- PSY

4rd- Crush

5th- Park HyoShin , TaeMin

gd, g-dragon, psy, zico,

YG ent, KQ ent


6. The best female solo

1st – IU

2st- TaeYeon

3rd- Ailee

4rd- SURAN

5th- HyunA, Jung EunJi

IU, TaeYeon, SNSD, SNSD TaeYeon, 2017 IU,

LOEN ent, Sm ENT


7. The best K-Pop rising star

1st – NCT

2st- Wanna One



5th- ASTRO


sm ent


8. The best lyric writer

1st – Kim Ina

2st- Seo JiEum

3rd- Yoon JongShin

4rd- IU, Kang EunKyeong

Kim Ina, Yoon JongShin, lyric writer

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