A few K-Pop idols have dressed up as  iconic princesses before in the past, but IZ*ONE's interpretation of them are quite eye-catching.

Each member dressed up as a princess character and the character that they chose have all suited them perfectly.

You can check them out below.


YuRi As Ariel


YuJin As Jasmine


Hitomi As Elsa


Kang HyeWon As 


WonYoung As Cinderella 


MinJu As Rapunzel 


Sakura As Aurora 


ChaeWon (Anna)


EunBi As Belle


Yena As Alice


Nako As Merida 


ChaeYeon As Mulan



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Jul 5, 2020 02:56 am

Hyewon is cosplaying Clara from the Nutcracker movie. (you're welcome~)
Poor Hyewon got the obscure character after they ran out of official princesses. Notice how they avoided cosplaying Pocahontas or Tiana though! I'm glad they didn't, as that would have probably led to more cultural appropriation scandals and we have quite enough of those at the moment... If only more entertainment companies could follow suit