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Did you know that IZ*ONE's Nako is a huge fan of TWICE's JiHyo? Nako became a successful fan girl when she finally managed to introduce herself to JiHyo during the backstage of MAMA 2018 in Japan!

Not long ago, Mnet released behind the scene videos of MAMA 2018 in Japan and fans were able to see how happy Nako was when JiHyo noticed her.

You can check out the video uploaded by a fan below!

At first, IZ*ONE's HyeWon was talking to JiHyo and called Nako to come over after a while. Some fans believe that HyeWon knew that Nako is a huge fan of JiHyo and wanted Nako to have the chance to talk to JiHyo too.

IZ*ONE's Nako Finally Gets To Introduce Herself To TWICE's JiHyo


Fans also took note that JiHyo actually offered to shake Nako's hand first, causing them to feel excited for Nako.

Previously, it was known that Nako has been collecting JiHyo merchandises but now, she was standing right in front of her own idol!

Are you happy for Nako too?


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Mar 9, 2021 10:43 am

Nako is so cute to introduce herself with jiyho it's 🙂