IZ*ONE Reportedly To Be Making A Comeback In November


IZ*ONE Reportedly To Be Making A Comeback In November

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K-Pop girl group, IZ*ONE  will be making a comeback after 7 months!

According to Korean media, News Pim, it was reported that they will be returning with a new album in November. They are also currently in the midst of preparation for their new album.

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News Pim

Previously, IZ*ONE had released their album “Heart*IZ” back in April and received lots of love from their fans. With the news that they are returning with a new album, fans could not wait to see what new concept they will be returning with.

Not long ago, it was revealed by IZ*ONE that they will be reminiscing the time they had spent with their fans during “Eyes On Me” concert through a movie screening “Eyes On Me: The Movie” in November.

Are you excited for their comeback?


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Can’t wait for their comeback, but am kinda worried if they’re getting any decent rest between promotions. Their time is limited so getting the most out of it is great in terms of seeing them a lot on stage and listening to their amazing voices, but hope they are getting the rest they need.