K-Pop girl group IZ*ONE are off to a somewhat rough start as they recently had two unfortunate events happening to them.

One of them being a government petition that demanded that they be prohibited from promoting themselves on 'Music Bank' and another one involving Kang HyeWon supporting an anime series (Attack On Titan) created by a Japanese man who is considered to have anti-Korean sentiments on top of pro-imperialist Japan ideologies.

All of it seems to have something to do with Japan, and given that South Korea and Japan will most likely forever be mortal enemies to the death due to ongoing historical conflict, we should have seen this coming much sooner.

Just recently, broadcasting stations KBS and SBS both ruled that 'We're In Love, Right?" was not appropriate to be broadcasted to the public for having Japanese lyrics. In addition, the song was also written by Akimoto Yasushi, another high profile figure known to have anti-Korean sentiments. Akimoto's collaboration with BTS was also canceled a while back for reasons related to politics.

At this point, it seems like a reasonable question to ask if it was a good idea for Mnet to affiliate themselves with Japanese idols as there has only been a number of controversies and backlash from the South Korean public as a result.


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Nov 1, 2018 11:43 pm

There have been MINOR made up controversies ...most Koreans seem to have little problem with them at all and as the ban only applies to the racist at KBS and SBS i say screw them ..