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Words have a way of eating you alive inside.

GOT7 member Jackson once didn't know how to react for a split second when someone said something right in front of him, and he was hit with a moment of truth.

Jackson appeared on an episode of 'X-Man' in the past, and played a little game.

The game was known as the "of course game". It's a simple game. Two players face each other off, with each taking turns saying a statement that will make the other player say "of course".

Kim JongMin and Jackson decided to face each other off.



JongMin stated:

"You dance well, so lots of girls like you right?"

Well, that's actually quite easy. Jackson replied with "of course".

However, the next statement caught him off guard. JongMin stated:

"You're poor."

Jackson stammered a bit when replying "of course", and it seems that he was broke at the time. He also stated that he was hurt from the very start.


Why not try playing the game with your friends?


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