Jang DongYoon has impressed many with his solid acting through dramas such as "A Poem a Day", "Just Dance", and "Tale of Nokdu".

In his latest drama "Tale of Nokdu", the actor was seen having adorable times with animals on the set. In the behind the scene, he was seen petting a puppy, chicks, a horse, and a cat.

First, he was petting this cat with fellow actress Kim SoHyun on the set. The actor mentioned that he was raising a cat. In the video, he showed that he knows a lot about cats and what they like.

Jang DongYoon Proved To Be The Cutest Animal Lover With These 4 Animals


Then, Jang DongYoon hugged and kissed an adorable puppy. The actor also mentioned that he raised a dog in the past.

He also tried to give a peck to the chicks.

Lastly, the actor was comforting and thanking his horse for his work.

You can check the video below.

The actor said that he really loves animals.

With his latest drama, Jang DongYoon is increasing his popularity and many are looking for his next project.

Do you find him adorable too?


Jang DongYoon

Jang DongYoon

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