Jang YongJoon from “High School Rapper” apologized and left the show after causing a stir.

On 13th, Jang YongJoon relayed a letter to Mnet “High School Rapper”, apologizing for the controversy and expressing his will to leave the show.

Jang YongJoon recently appeared in the broadcast of “High School Rapper”, receiving compliments from the judges for his unique swag and rapping skills. After the broadcast, he drew more attention when people found out he was a politician’s son.

However, people found out soon after that he has been smoking and drinking alcohol despite being a minor. He even participated in prostitution. In posts by those who are close with him or those who attended school with him, his drinking and smoking habits are written in clear words.

After causing a stir, Jang YongJoon decided to leave “High School Rapper”, making his name known with disgrace.

Jang YongJoon From “High School Rapper” Apologizes and Leaves the Show


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