Jay Park Officially Signed With Jay-Z’s Company ROC Nation

Musician Jay Park (Park JaeBum) finally targets American pop market with Jay-Z.

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On 21st July, a famous music label, ROC Nation, announced that Jay Park made a contract with them on their official Instagram account. Regard this, Jay Park’s management’s staff said, “ROC Nation and Jay Park recently make a contract. ROC Nation is going to manage Jay Park’s records in overseas countries and AOMG manages ones in Korea. 

As you might know already, ROC Nation is a music records company that Jay-z, who is a rapper, producer, and business man in USA, established. In ROC Nation, famous stars such as, Rihanna, Big Sean, J. Cole are affiliated to. For these reasons, fans expectation toward Jay Park’s successful activities in America goes higher. 

Meanwhile, Jay Park (Park JaeBum) is appearing now on MnetShow Me The Money SE6“.



Jay Park Surprise Release of His New Track “Raw Sh!t”

Jay Park, one of the most famous hip hop musicians in Korea, released a new track ‘Raw Sh!t’ today.

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Jay Park, Jay Park New Track, Raw Shit, Jay Park, Park Jae Bum


Jay Park, Jay Park New Track, Raw Shit, Jay Park, Park Jae Bum


There was nothing mentioned about releasing a track before, just like ‘Hulk Hogan’, a track that was released without anything foretold.

His new track was produced by DJ Wegun, with a boom bap beat.

Jay won the “Musician of This Year” and 2nd place in “R&B and Soul Album” awards in “Korean Public Music Awards”.

He is continuing to widen his spectrum as a musician, and fan are not scared of his new changes.

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Minzy’s Takes Jay Park’s Hand for Her First Solo Debut Album

The former sexy maknae of 2NE1 is getting ready to release her solo debut album into the world, and Jay Park’s got her back.

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According to a reliable source, Gong Minzy is in the busiest stage of recording for her debut album. Although no set date has been decided, it appears that she will finally return to the stage sometime in April or May of 2017. This album has been long overdue since her departure from 2NE1 back in 2016. Since her transfer over to Music Works Entertainment, Minzy has been announcing her plans of a solo debut. It will also be the first work with Music Works in terms of her music.

Although she’s been busy filming for “Unnies’ Slam Dunk 2”, she had regularly taken time out of her schedule to continue her work in music. With all eyes on the sexy maknae’s return, many famous musicians have also stepped up to help her out. Most notably, hip hop’s reigning B-Boy Jay Park will be taking part in her new album. After meeting up to talk about music, they have agreed to launch off her new solo career with a collaboration. Sources report that Jay Park instantly agreed and has finished recording his part for the song.

BLACKJACKs have been waiting a long time for this album, so it comes as a good news that it’ll be dropping in just a few months!

Turn up with my bro! @jparkitrighthere

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Jay Park Warns Koreaboo About Drug Scandal

Jay Park was pissed off about Koreaboo’s wrong use of his and Dok2’s photos on the drug scandal on its purpose to get lots of netizen’s attentions!! 

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On Nov 21, the Koreaboo, one of the hottest K-pop web portal in North America, released the erroneous drug scandal on its web page. The controversy was the photo they used for the report. The pictures of Jay Park and Dok2, never related to the scandal, were on the head of the article, and this has led great anger aroused among the numerous fans of those hot musicians.

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On the next day, Jay officially expressed his uncomfortable feeling about it and criticized the Koreaboo’s distorted way of gathering netizen’s clicks on his twitter.

@koreaboo so yall just gon use me and dok2’s pic like that when you know it aint’s us? Lol desperate for clicks huh?” by Jay Park’s twitter.koreaboo jaypark

 A lot of his fans supported him and, further, encouraged him to sue the website. No legal action seems going to happen, but the Koreaboo soon displaced the article to avoid possible conflicts any more. This case might be a good lesson for many hit-begging K pop web portals.