Jay Park Warns Koreaboo About Drug Scandal

Jay Park was pissed off about Koreaboo’s wrong use of his and Dok2’s photos on the drug scandal on its purpose to get lots of netizen’s attentions!! 

On Nov 21, the Koreaboo, one of the hottest K-pop web portal in North America, released the erroneous drug scandal on its web page. The controversy was the photo they used for the report. The pictures of Jay Park and Dok2, never related to the scandal, were on the head of the article, and this has led great anger aroused among the numerous fans of those hot musicians.

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On the next day, Jay officially expressed his uncomfortable feeling about it and criticized the Koreaboo’s distorted way of gathering netizen’s clicks on his twitter.

@koreaboo so yall just gon use me and dok2’s pic like that when you know it aint’s us? Lol desperate for clicks huh?” by Jay Park’s twitter.koreaboo jaypark

 A lot of his fans supported him and, further, encouraged him to sue the website. No legal action seems going to happen, but the Koreaboo soon displaced the article to avoid possible conflicts any more. This case might be a good lesson for many hit-begging K pop web portals.

EX-JYP Trainee Boys Who Are Mostly Active In Showbiz

JYP Entertainment leading management industry is famous for their tough training programs. 

Countless trainees are going through JYP’s rigorous trainee program. They are put through monthly evaluations on team missions and personal traits, and are then ranked from top to bottom and those ranked at the top will generally be sorted into a debut class to get ready with a pre-debut team. Those that make it into the debut class are put through image making and any other things they need to make up for. Thus their fierce competition to reach the real-stage in K-pop world has been going on for years. If they want to stand a chance in competition with people of such training, they must look to their own equipment. 

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Well, here’re former trainee boys who could be GOT7 or DAY6 in JYPE. Some of them were named as fixed members of the pre-debut boy group practically. But in the end, these guys didn’t sign with the agency. Anyhow, they left the home, but are now growing up in the public eye. 



Jisoo (PrainTPC)




Na Jong Chan (CUBE Ent)


monsta x shownu jyp trainee

Shownu (Starship Ent)