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JBJ has officially ended their promotion on April 30th 2018. The group first met in Mnet “Produce 101” Season 2 and went on a 7 months long of promotion before heading back to their original management company for individual schedules.

According to insiders, it was revealed that JBJ members are currently resting and agreed on giving each other time to think about their future. It was also revealed that their companies respect the opinion of their own idols and are also willing to compromise based on their future directions. They said that they would make adjustments according to what direction they wish to go and carry out further discussions that would be the best for both parties.

JBJ Concludes Their Promotion With A Bittersweet Ending

JBJ Official Twitter

After holding their final concert with fans, each members are currently spending their time individually. It was revealed that member Kenta and DongHan went on a trip to Japan together. Member Jin LongGuo is currently taking care of his health as his condition has not been the best. As for Kwon HyunBin, it was mentioned that he had left the dormitory due to his individual activities and schedules.

Not only that, Kenta and Kim SangGyun would be participating in the filming of SBS Mobidic web drama. It seems like despite their promotion and schedules as a group have ended, it is highly possible that they would still be able to see each other often because of the variety of the schedules they have.

JBJ Concludes Their Promotion With A Bittersweet Ending

JBJ Official Twitter

JBJ previously held their concert “Really Desirable Concert – Epilogue” on April 21st and 22nd with a total of about 9000 fans. It is believed that this would not be an ending for JBJ but rather a meaningful start and beginning for the members. They also thanked the fans who all the support and encouragement.

To finally give thanks to the fans, they have also released a special music video of ‘Just Be Stars’.

We wish all the members of JBJ the best for their future endeavors!


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