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After Produce 101 SE2 was over, numerous groups are preparing to debut or already have debuted. One of the groups that fans desperately waited for was JBJ consisted of Takata Kenta, Kim YongGuk, Kim SangGyun, Kim DongHan, No TaeHyun, Kim TaeDong and Kwon HyunBin.

The six boys did not make it to the top 11 but they have proven enough of their abilities and already retain a number of fans. The first news about JBJ was that the six boys MIGHT be able to perform together. Fans hoped that the plan would come true and today, August 30th, JBJ's debut became official. 

JBJ Debut Becomes Official Yet Kim TaeDong Puts Brake to His Debut

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JBJ members will be on M2, a reality show from Mnet from September and start performing officially from October 18th. Their debut came true due to desperate hopes of fans and their effort to put their wish into a voice. 

However, despite the fact that future schedules are all set up and their debut date is fixed, Kim TaeDong's future seems still unclear. It is known that he had been having conflicts with his entertainment because the entertainment has been mistreating him and he wanted to end his contract since June. Both parties have been trying to negotiate for already two months, however, they haven't reached to such point yet. 

The entertainment has officially stated that both parties have been going through a lot and Kim TaeDong has been requiring things that the entertainment cannot understand or capable of doing. 

There is not much time left for the group to prepare for their debut, however, Kim TaeDong's case with his entertainment doesn't seem to end. Though there was an official news that JBJ will be debuting, TaeDong's future is still unclear. 

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