JBJ Fans Triggered After Recent Concert

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What could have possibly upset the fans of JBJ after such a great performance by the boy band?

It turns out that a video slideshow of photos was the reason behind the fans’ protest and anger.  What could have ended on a positive note was instead ruined, all because of one little ‘mistake’.

At one point during the slideshow, a photo of all the JBJ members excluding Kwon HyunBin was shown. It was bad enough that the photo actually had a photoshopped HyunBin in it, but annoyed fans, even more, was the fact that a caption was put right on top of where he was photoshopped into.

JBJ Concert, JBJ Profile


JBJ Concert, JBJ Photoshop Kwon HyunBin, JBJ Profile

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While the video was made by a fan, people have been pointing out that it was not only the fan’s ignorance to blame but also the staff members’ carelessness as well.

Kwon HyunBin was photoshopped into the photo due to conflicting schedules at the time it was taken.

Kwon HyunBin, JBJ, JBJ Profile, JBJ Kwon HyunBin


How would you have reacted if your favorite idol had been covered up with a giant message on top? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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