Fan's boundless love toward JBJ finally made them debut. 

Fans' desperate supporting toward lovable stars eventually made it. JBJ, a boy group which consist of members in Produce 101 SE2, is going to debut in September. According to some staffs, all the managements of 7 members, who are Takata Kenta, Kim YongGuk, Kim SangGyun, Kim DongHan, No TaeHyun, Kim TaeDong and Kwon HyunBin, unanimously decided to make them debut. On July 25th, the managements had a meeting very secretly and planned to debut JBJ on September 10th.

For a while, whether Kwon HyunBin is going to join JBJ again was the matter but recently YG K Plus agreed with JBJ's debut. JBJ is a group of 7 members who are missed but the most famous in Produce 101 SE2. Among Korean fans, there are produced a lot of fun and sad nicknames for JBJ, which are 'Jebal Jom Debuthae(that means please debut)' and 'Jungmal Baramjikhan Johab(The most desirable union)'. 

Even after the end of Produce 101 SE2, members of JBJ have keep good relationship one another, doing photo shooting for magazine or other TV programs. Also at the Produce 101 SE2 concert, the scenes capturing JBJ members' good fellowship were revealed. 

JBJ From Produce 101 Will Finally Debut In Septempber


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