JBJ Noh TaeHyun Apologizes for “Not Thinking Straight” to Fans

Roh TaeHyun‘s words and action on a TV interview aroused controversy. Though he has posted his apology on SNS after a brief moment, fans still seemed to be offended.

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Roh TaeHyun of JBJ, in an interview, said that they (fans) will get punched hard if they quit being a fan of JBJ. His choice of words was harsh and his motions of hitting hard offended fans. Comments saying, “I can’t even get to like you cuz you’re so threatening” and “He has gone too far” were in general, and few seemed to be asking for a feedback on his actions.

Roh TaeHyun, briefly after his words went viral, posted up his apology.

Hi, this is Roh TaeHyun

I truly apologize for my unthoughtful actions and words that had offended you. I am sorry to have caused you such trouble.

I regret for my actions that have dissapointed you and offended you. 

I will be more careful on what I say and what I do from now on and be more professional. 

Again, I am sorry, I apologize deeply. 

After the apology was posted, fans have calmed their anger towards him and said that it is his future actions that would decide his career as idols. Fans of JBJ left comforting yet worried voices to be more professional next time to TaeHyun.

Violence should never be a word between an idol and fan. However, there are some cases where fans require for a violent act to their idols. This was one famous example where a fan asked GaIn to hit her hard. 

Instead of really hitting her, she kissed the fan on the cheeks. This video went viral for it delivered the message of not to ask for violence to idol and how well GaIn had reacted to such situations. 

Lyrics Written by Song MinHo Arouses Sexual Discrimination Controversy Again

Epik High, one of the most talented and the most listened hip-hop group of Korea, released their latest album. There were several songs featured by well-known artists like Hyuk Oh, IU, Simon. D and Mino of WINNER

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Song MinHo, WINNER, Epik High, We've Done Something Wonderful, Song MImHo Controversy, Idol Controversy

Melon/ jeanmino93330 

One of the songs in the latest album, “We’ve Done Something Wonderful “, the song ‘No Thank You’ is featured by Song MinHo, Simon Dominic and The Quiet. The lyrics are about how people judge others base on extremely subjective standards and to fight for one’s way despite such harsh voices. The musicians featuring the song wrote their own lyrics including Song MinHo.

In the lines that he wrote, the word “motherfucker” has aroused the controversy of whether Song MinHo showed misogyny. Misogyny is a complex word to describe discrimination, hatred and looking down on women by men. Some argue that the origin of the swearing contains discrimination and mockery of women, therefore the use of such word should be banned. However, others argue that not a lot of people actually MEAN the literal meaning to just use it to swear. They questioned the people who insist that Song MinHo has misogyny of why they aren’t criticizing any U.S. musicians who use the word numerous times in their lyrics. 

The reason why Song MinHo was swept in the middle of the controversy was that he already had a record of writing controversial lyrics in the past.  When he competed in Mnet, Show Me the Money, he rapped a line that said, “Open your legs like you are in obstetrics.” This line didn’t arouse any debates but only harsh criticism on him and he had apologized for his thoughtless words. 

Again, the word “motherfucker” has put him in the middle of sexual discrimination and hatred controversy. But this time, some argues that condemning the use of such word has gone too far. The controversy doesn’t seem to pass easily like other issues in the entertainment since people have grown extra-sensitive of gender issues.  

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Kyla of PRISTIN Arouses Controversy of Stereotype of Body Type

On Augst 23rd, PRISTIN had their comeback with “SCHXXL OUT”. After their comeback, the group is put on the spot by arousing the controversy of idols’ body. More specifically, of idols being obliged to be thin.

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One of the young members of PRISTIN is Kyla, she is 15. On the stages of this comeback, fans saw Kyla chubbier compare to other members. 

PRISTIN, PRISTIN Comeback, SCHXXL OUT, PRISTIN Kyla, Kyla Controversy, Kyla Body, Idol Controversy

SeoKyung ST / TOPSTARNEWS / BZ Photos

Kyla’s body has raised controversy among netizens whether idols should continually “take care” of their body. “Take care” in this sense means that one should work out or be on the diet to be thin, not fit, thin. They say that idols, as well as celebrities, are on TV and earn money being visually attractive aside from their music or work.

Others who oppose the idea say that it’s a stereo type to think that thin = beautiful. This unhealthy beauty standard has been destroying the lives of women, especially idols and celebrities. Idols are being put on a harsh diet schedule, unbelievably unhealthy because it does not match up to the calories they burn. There were precedents of girl idols fainting and having health issues due to being on a diet.

A lot of fans worry that Kyla and young girls like her may be put on harsh diet plans to be visually attractive enough to earn money. 

What do you think? Is it okay a person get worthless and hurtful comments and criticism because of one’s body? Do you agree with the idea of “idols must have a thin, fit for the beauty standard today kind of a body”?

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