Jeon JiYoon will be holding her first fan meeting by herself to celebrate the release of her new album, "Day and Night".

On November 2nd, "Day and Night" finally dropped as Jeon JiYoon took her official step as a solo artist. To celebrate her new beginning, the artist will be hosting a fan meeting on the 5th at the Forestar in Seoul. Although she will be celebrating her solo career, she certainly won't be lonely as many of her close friends have stepped up to send congratulatory messages to the singer.

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Kwon SoHyun, former 4Minute member, cheered on her older sister with words of support. "JiYoon Unnie's solo is here~~! She prepared hard for it, so please love it lots and lots," she wrote. Another former member, Heo GaYoon also sent her love by saying, "I don't know who's song 'I Do' is, but it's good", "I don't know who it is, but the backboard is also really pretty."

Along with her former 4Minute sisters, JiYoon's friends from different genres also cheered her on. Heize wrote on her Instagram, "Did everyone listen to JiYoon unnie's new song? It's amazing..." She continued on to describe the song as holding so much meaning. Actor Seo HaJoon also wrote, "It's finally here! Jeon JiYoon's solo track!! You can't feel how big the song will be?! You can listen to it right now on MelOn!"

With so much love and support from her peers, JiYoon will be able to stand proudly at her upcoming showcase. During the show, the idol will be performing her self composed song title track, 'I Do'. She will also be performing 'Magnet' and 'Don't Change'.

Jeon JiYoon Hosts First Solo Fan Meeting After Leaving 4Minute


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