According to South Korean news agency Sports Seoul, former I.O.I member Jeon SoMi's comeback has been confirmed and set for a release this upcoming month of May.

She left JYP Entertainment back in August 20th, and subsequently joined YG Entertainment's The Black Label, headed by producer Teddy Park. During that time, The Black Label also didn't hold back their compliments and complete faith in her by stating:

"She has proven to have an infinite amount of potential as an artist, and we've secured a contract with her. We are going to use every resource that we have and try different things to ensure that she becomes a top artist."

Jeon SoMi uploaded a post on Instagram with the title GANG+PRINCESS ZION.T in a recording studio on February 22nd, hinting to fans that her solo debut is a lot nearer than expected.

In addition, her former group I.O.I, are also in talks of getting back together. The agencies of all former members have been discussing the possibilities for it happening, and an insider has revealed that the chances of it actually happening is very high. However, it has been confirmed that Jeon SoMi and a few other former members will not be joining I.O.I even if the group gets back together.

Stay tuned for updates!


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Mar 2, 2019 03:39 am

Wonder if Itzy's success motivated the decision of bringing forward Somi's debut. After all, Itzy debuted with little delay, despite Somi's sudden departure. The pride of both agencies must be at stake.

Mar 1, 2019 12:26 am

Good luck to her and all those coming back for IOI ...