Jessica Doesn’t Have Korean Name? About Her Nationality, Name, Etc

Do you know the real Korean name of Jessica? Actually, she doesn’t have a Korean one.

Jessica, the former member of SNSD, opened up the behind story about her name a few days ago. Many people might have thought that Jessica’s real name is Jung SooYeon. However, Jessica’s real name is actually not ‘Jung SooYeon’. Her real name written on her passport is ‘Jessica Jung’. 

Jessica was born in San Francisco, CA. It means, she is an American-born Korean. As you can see her passport at the airport, she always brings the American one. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that Jessica is 100% American. She also has the right to vote in South Korea, too. According to the law of South Korea, it’s only permitted for Korean to have the right to vote. Thus she has dual nationality, Korean and American. 

In a released video, Jessica said, “Actually, there’s one thing people don’t know much, which is that my real Korean name is only ‘Jessica'” and “I don’t have any other Korean name. I just made the fake one, which is Jung SooYeon. My family used to call me like that since I was born”.


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