Jessica Doesn’t Have Korean Name? About Her Nationality, Name, Etc

Do you know the real Korean name of Jessica? Actually, she doesn’t have a Korean one.

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Jessica, the former member of SNSD, opened up the behind story about her name a few days ago. Many people might have thought that Jessica’s real name is Jung SooYeon. However, Jessica’s real name is actually not ‘Jung SooYeon’. Her real name written on her passport is ‘Jessica Jung’. 

Jessica was born in San Francisco, CA. It means, she is an American-born Korean. As you can see her passport at the airport, she always brings the American one. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that Jessica is 100% American. She also has the right to vote in South Korea, too. According to the law of South Korea, it’s only permitted for Korean to have the right to vote. Thus she has dual nationality, Korean and American. 

In a released video, Jessica said, “Actually, there’s one thing people don’t know much, which is that my real Korean name is only ‘Jessica'” and “I don’t have any other Korean name. I just made the fake one, which is Jung SooYeon. My family used to call me like that since I was born”.


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Jessica’s Amazing Personal Connections List With World Celebrities

Jessica recently has showed off her super personal connections with world wide stars.

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Jessica has widen her successful standing as not only her position as a singer, also a designer, an entrepreneur, and a social worker. These careers Jessica is going through makes her much more successful figure beyond just an idol. Netizens could find her amazing personal relationship with world celebrities, such as a designer of the luxury brands, CEO, and many other top stars on her instagram or SNS. Fans happily celebrate her on those success she made, and also seem to feel pretty impressed by her walk of life. As fans of her have observed her every step since her debut, it would be quite deeply moved for them to see Jessica as a global star. But still, Jessica’s love toward her fans looks bigger than before. Now is the time to look at her splendid connections!


Michael Coste, an executive of Hermes


Takada Kenzo, a desiner of KENZO

Happy to see you again ❤️

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Jessica & Designer Kenzo Takada #kenzotakada

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 Oliveier Rousteing, an executive designer of BALMAIN

Jessica, Balmain,




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Jessica Carefully Speaks Up about SNSD and Her Thoughts

Jessica has spent 10 years of her life as a member of SNSD. She decided to stand solo after ten years of performing as a group, as artist Jessica. 

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Jessica Official Twitter

After she got out of SNSD, questions poured on every interview about her and SNSD whenever she was on presses. She did not speak much about it and kept quiet. Fans understood her and gave her time before she said anything, and now, she spoke up about SNSD on one interview. 

To the question of what SNSD has meant to her, she carefully and simply answered, The Valuable. “They were valuable people, and the time performing as SNSD is priceless. It is the unerasable memories of my golden years of life. How can I forget anything, when we went through everything beautiful and hard all together.” 

What worries the fans more are not the personal feelings each have towards each other. What worries the fans is the collision between the two, starting from having the 10th-anniversary come back at the same period to SM’s unnecessary interventions. Jessica and SNSD are having their fan meeting ON THE SAME DATE, TIME, and PLACE.

Jessica, Jessica SNSD, SNSD, Jessica Summer Storm, Jessica 10th Anniversary, SNSD 10th Anniversary, Jessica Fan Meeting

Jessica Official Twitter / SM Ent.

Jessica is having her fan meeting on August 11th, 7:00 p.m at Lotte Tower Basement F1 while SNSD is having their fan meeting on the same day, same time at Lotte Mall Floor 7 Cine Plus. This isn’t something we call a coincidence. This is manipulation and awkward collision.  Both fans of SNSD and Jessica says that it was pathetic of the entertainment to set up such schedule. 

Some fans support Jessica of standing on her on and keep going her way as a solo artist, while others criticize her for living in the glory of SNSD and earn money all to herself. 

Well, for what it’s worth, Jessica should be standing on her own as an artist regardless of who says what and SNSD should go on their way just like they have for 10 years. If then, the fans will be left with double the good music and performances!  

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Jessica Reveals Her Private Life on iMBC Heyo TV

Jessica spent a meaningful time with fans.

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In the recent broadcast of iMBC Heyo TV, Jessica appeared to communicate with her fans.

Jessica thanked her fans for waiting for her, and answered questions that were sent live by fans through the chat feature of “Heyo TV” app.

Before she appeared on the broadcast, fans from all over the world sent in requests for “Jessica’s Please Do This” segment, showing her global popularity. Jessica revealed her secrets to how to take a selca, and conducted a “Communication Quiz Time”. She even conducted a live during the broadcast, showing her love for fans.

Coridel Entertainment said, “We are very thankful for fans showing a lot of interest in Jessica’s appearance despite it being the first broadcast after a long time. We hope many tune in again next week. Jessica will continue to greet fans through various activities. Please continue to cheer for her and anticipate for her future activities.”

The second episode of “Jessica’s Private Life” will broadcast on iMBC Heyo TV on 22nd.

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Coridel Entertainment

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